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Battery powered LCD electronic counter special
Battery powered LCD counter at a great price. $28.95 each

High operating temperature inductive sensors
High operating temperature inductive sensors
120°C / 248°F

136 Series Revolution & Direct Drive Mechanical Counters

data sheet
Data sheet

DESCRIPTION: Mechanical Counter - 136 Series offers a heavy duty design, double sided shaft and 5 easy to read digits. Its push button reset, rugged design, high-speed operation and double sided shaft make them ideal for many industrial applications.

APPLICATIONS: Typical applications include tool machines, winding machine's, automatic machines, presses, shearing machines, printing machines, extruded material, etc…



•Heavy duty design
•Double sided shaft
•Revolution or rotary direct drive versions •Long mechanical life
•High speed
•Easy to read 5 digits
•Great price
•Push button reset
•No power required

mechanical counter



LB-136-5 LB-136-5(II) RL-136-5 RL-136-5(II)


5, 6 x 4mm (.24 x .16”)


Revolution 1:1, 1 count per revolution, bi-directional Direct drive 10:1, 10 counts per revolution bi-directional

Shaft Position

both sides

Shaft Diameter

6 mm .(24”)

Shaft Rotation

Top going (see below)
Top Coming (see below)
Top going (see below)
Top Coming (see below)
Torque: 10 mN-m max 20 mN-m max


Button: one touch reset button. Do not reset while in motion

Max Speed

3000 rpm 300 rpm


Housing Metal base and cover; Plastic lens and reset button


311g (11oz)

Dimensions: mm (inches)

dimensions of 136 series

mechanical counter rotation

* (II) added to end of model number

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