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Battery powered LCD electronic counter special
Battery powered LCD counter at a great price. $28.95 each

High operating temperature inductive sensors
High operating temperature inductive sensors
120°C / 248°F

Totalizing Counters

A totalizing counter displays a total of events, parts, products, strokes, revolutions, etc. Electronic and electromechanical counters accept a variety of inputs, from sensors, switches, encoders and relays that increment the counter each time a pulse is received. Mechanical counters increment the count based on a physical movement, such as stroke or rotation of a shaft. Typical applications include copiers and printers, dispensing machines, coil winding machines, portable equipment, ticket machines, utility meters, printing presses, amusement machines, production machines, wire cutting, length measurement and numerical positioning.

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MicroCount Series
spacerMinature Electronic Counters
Miniature LCD counters that are available in 4, 6 and 8 digit models. Their low power consumption is ideal for battery powered applications. Panel and PCB mounting versions are available.
CH Series
Battery-Powered Counter

Low-cost electronic LCD counters that have a small panel footprint and are battery powered. They have a 7 digit LCD display, a push button reset, and accept a wide range of inputs. Their reset function can be disabled if desired.
8900D Series
LCD Counter
Electronic LCD counters that are battery powered (10-year battery life). They have an 8 digit LCD display, a push button reset, and accept a wide range of inputs including quadrature. Their reset function can be disabled if desired. These units also have a programmable decimal point.
PS2-T Series
LED Counter

Electronic LED 6 digit counter, large .56" characters, accepts DC PNP inputs with a variety of functions.

KE610 Series
Electromechanical Counters

Compact electromechanical counters with various mounting styles ideal for almost all counting applications. These electromechanical counters will not lose their count during power failures or from electrical noise.


Coming Soon!
MC Series

Minature Counters

Miniature DC non-reset electromechanical counters available in PCB, base and panel mounting styles.


stroke counter

RS-84-5 mechanical ratchet counters features small size with high durability and low cost. It has a reset knob that zeros the counter by rotating the knob.


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