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Capacitive Sensors $39.00 each
Capacitive sensor

These low profile capacitive sensors models have a great price and have a height of only 0.68” (17.5mm). Their small size allows them to be used in tight spaces where typical capacitive sensor cannot fit. These new versions come in a small cylindrical plastic housing, have a sensitivity adjustment, and both normally open and normally closed outputs. Capacitive sensors are used to detect metal and non-metal objects (liquid, plastic, paper, glass, wood, etc).

Photoelectric Sensors $35.00 each
Photoelectric Sensor
These two diffused photoelectric proximity sensors have exceptional pricing. Diffused sensors use the light reflected directly off an object for detection. No reflectors or separate transmitter needed. These new models have a small size and an operating range of 50 cm, 19.69". They are in a rectangular plastic housing, have a sensitivity adjustment, and both normally open (light on) and normally closed (dark on) outputs.
Proximity Sensor $28.95 each
Sensor Special
This short body 12mm diameter inductive proximity sensor has a great low price, stainless steel housing and short circuit protection. It is designed for flush mounting and has an extended operating distance of 4mm. It is suitable for harsh environments and is used in the following machinery: packaging, printing, paper preparation, weight, metal working, food processing, measurement systems and plastic molding.
Counter $28.95 each
Counter Special
Our CH Series totalizing counters have a small panel footprint and are powered by a lithium battery. They have a 7-digit LCD display, a push button reset, are panel mounted and accept a wide range of inputs. Their reset function can be disabled if desired.
Timer $ 31.95 each
Timer Special
The TH Series are elapsed timers that display time in hours or minutes. This series has a small panel footprint and are powered by lithium battery. They have a 7-digit LCD display and a push button reset. They accept a non-voltage contact closure / NPN open collector or a 90-240V AC/DC input. The unit times as long as it is receiving an input. When the input is removed the timer stops. The front reset button can be disabled if desired.
Mechanical Stroke Counter $15.00 each. Call for quantity pricing
Mechanical Stroke Counter

Mechanical Ratchet Counter model RS-84-5 offers highly visible 5 digits, small footprint and long mechanical life. Its price and features make it well suited for OEM equipment. This ratchet counter adds 1 count for every 40°~45° stroke of lever. Typical applications include tool machines, winding machine's, automatic machines, presses, shearing machines, printing machines, extruded material, etc…

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