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Battery powered LCD electronic counter special
Battery powered LCD counter at a great price. $28.95 each

High operating temperature inductive sensors
High operating temperature inductive sensors
120°C / 248°F

Predetermining Counters

Preset or predetermining counters count to a preset number and give an output. Most of these counters can count up to or down to the predetermined number programmed through the counters keypad. Scaling is also available on some units. Scaling allows an input to be multiplied or divided by a number so the display will show engineering units such as feet, gallons, cases etc. The outputs usually can be held until reset or auto cycled. Typical applications include dispensing machines, coil winding machines, portable equipment, ticket machines, production machines, wire cutting, length measurement and numerical positioning.

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TC Series Preset Counter, Timer, Tachometer The TC series is a powerful 6-digit, multi-function programmable preset Timer/Counter/Tachometer with a communication interface. It has RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 serial communications, and supports Modbus protocol. This series can easily be connected to a PC for programming and logging of data. All this in one unit at a great price!

Battery Powered Preset Counterspacer
The PS3-SP is a 6-digit battery powered predetermining counter. This unit accepts a wide range of AC/DC inputs. Its two-line display shows both the current count and the preset value. The single preset can be latched until reset or auto-cycled in a count up or down function.
PS3-12 & 22

Preset counter

The PS3-12 & PS3-22 are 1 and 2 preset counters. They offer scaling, which allows for displaying of specific units or lengths. They accept a variety of inputs making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
PS2 Series

LED Preset Counter
The PS2 Programmable Electronic LED Counter & Ratemeter displays rate or total count in several operating modes. Two preset outputs can control rate, count, batching, positioning, length, distance, flow, etc. All three preset versions CR (counter & ratemeter), CP (counter) & RP (ratemeter) have presets and scaling. The 0.5” LED characters make for easy viewing. RS232 & RS422 communications and 4-20mA output is available.

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